Quick answers to common Dispatch Lux questions
what is a tracking number and how do I find it?

“Tracking numbers, also referred to as waybill numbers, are used to identify and follow your shipments’ movement through our network. The tracking number is assigned to your shipment by Dispatch Lux, and is a 10 digit number. Shippers can found the number next to the word “Waybill” on electronically generated documents. On manual waybills, it can be found above the barcode. Receivers can obtain the waybill number from their shippers.”

Whem will my shipment arrive?

“Rates and transit times are based upon the services requested and the final destination of each shipment. Here are factors that may have an influence on your shipments arrival: Pick-Up Times – The time your shipment is handed over to Dispatch Lux is a key factor in the final delivery International Time Zones – Hours of business operations in delivering areas Weekends - Transit times listed on this site are calculated in business days, so you will need to account for weekend days, if applicable. Holidays - Every country celebrates different holidays. If your shipment arrives on a holiday, Dispatch Lux couriers may not be able to deliver the shipment until your recipient's office is open. Note: Weekends may differ by country. For example, many Muslim countries are open for business on Saturdays and Sundays, but are closed on Fridays.”

How can I find out where my shipment is?

“Dispatch Lux provides up-to-date tracking information on the location of your shipment as it moves through the network.”

If I do not have my tracking number, is it still possible to track my shipment?

“Yes, under certain conditions. We strongly advise you to make a record of your tracking number however, if you have the shipper's reference number, you can use our online Shipper’s Reference Tracking service.”

What is the shipper's reference number?

“The shipper's reference number is a unique identifier assigned to the shipment by the sender while filling out the shipment information. This can be any combination of letters and numbers, such as a purchase order number or any other information that allows you to manage your shipments. Note: The more specific and unique your reference number is, the quicker it will be for your results to be displayed.”

When I attempted to track my Dispatch Lux shipment, I received an invalid waybill error message. Why?

“The Dispatch Lux waybill is a 10 digit numeric number (e.g. 1234567890, 2345678901), so please recheck the number and try again.”

When I track my international Dispatch Lux shipments, why do I sometimes get information for a shipment that is not going to the intended destination?

“Dispatch Lux periodically recycles shipment waybill numbers for operational reasons. Occasionally this results in information being in our systems at the same time for two shipments travelling under the same waybill number. Dispatch Lux is working hard to eliminate these occurrences however, in the meantime, please be assured that while this information may be confusing, your physical shipment will be heading to its correct destination and be receiving the same careful attention as every other shipment in our network.”

I have tracked a shipment and been told to contact Dispatch Lux. Why is this?

“This usually occurs if the information we have is insufficient to track the shipment for you. The address may be incorrect and we require clarification or some additional information may be required.”

What address information is shown on the tracking screen?

“Due to international privacy laws, Dispatch Lux can only display the city, state, and country for international addresses. Origin and destination names and postal codes are shown for US imports and exports.”

I was not home when the driver attempted delivery. Will Dispatch Lux make another attempt?

“Yes, the driver will automatically attempt delivery to a residence the next business day. After 7 attempts, the package will be held at the local Dispatch Lux office until delivery arrangements are made. In most cases the local Dispatch Lux office will return the package to the sender in 30 business days, unless previous arrangements have been made.”

How long does Dispatch Lux hold my shipment tracking information?

“Full tracking information is retained for approximately 90 days from the delivery date.”

Does my package require a signature?

“Yes, all international shipments require a signature for delivery unless waived by the shipper (NSR). However alternate forms of authorization are acceptable.”

What are the alternate forms of authorization when I cannot be present to sign for my shipment?

“Download and complete the Signature on File Agreement and leave with courier (provides 12 months authorization for future shipments).”